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PhoneGap Build mobile app? Buildmeister!

We created this one for ourselves, because we think the PhoneGap Build service lacks decent mobile support. it doesn’t allow multiple simultaneous logins and doesn’t show how health the buildservers are (heck, they don’t communicate about it at all).

Buildmeister - a PhoneGap Build monitoring app.

Buildmeister – a PhoneGap Build monitoring app.

iOS builds are taking long..

iOS builds are taking long..

PhoneGap Build server health

It’s very frustrating to have to wait and watch the spinner until your build is ready to be installed. It’s like watching paint dry. What if you had a way to predict how long a build would take for a certain platform? With that idea in mind, we created the nice little chart to the right.

The right side of the chart is the current time (the screenshot was taken at 13:20) and it’s easy to see the Android builds are really fast all dady, but if you’d start an iOS build right now, chances are big that it will take 20 minutes or more.

All your apps in one overview

Buildmeister allows you to add multiple PhoneGap Build accounts. All types are supported: email/AdobeId/Github. All your apps will be listed on the main page, so you can quickly see what state they’re in.

Every app can be updated (pull code), installed or shared. In case of errors, the install button changes to an error icon, which you can click to see the reason. Also, next to the buildnumber you may see an icon indicating a new build was created since your last visit. So why not have your testers install this app (add a collaborator with role ‘Tester’ to your app) and let them check for new builds themselves.

Try before you buy!

Just kidding, it’s free, no ads, we don’t share your login with anyone. Even better, we don’t even know your login, because passwords are not stored in the app (we use a token instead). The token is only shared between the app and the PhoneGap Build API over HTTPS. Need more details? Check the Github repo of this app – Yes, ofcourse this is a PhoneGap app as well 😉

Download Buildmeister for these platforms:

Android app on Google Play

Buildmeister - X-Services